Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dotnetnuke site constantly to recreate the domain application: "The AppDomain shut down because of the hosting environment."

I've made a site using CMS DotNetNuke. On my developing machine it worked very good. After placing It into the hosting I've noticed that pages, especially the first opened very slowly. I looked into site's Event Viewer and see that the application domain recreated several times a minute. There are consistent records:

Application Shutting Down. Shutdown Details: The AppDomain shut down because of the hosting environment.

Application Started.

Operation of Re-creation of domain application is not fast, and it leads to lower the productivity of the website (slowly loading of pages).

Since I do not make any changes to the files (including configutation-files) of the web-application, as well as in nested folders of the project, there is the question: why and how to avoid this?

Having experience with hostings I know that while struggle for resources, they cofigure session's life to the minimum (sessionState.Timeout). I've wrote the application and checked: Yes, session's life is not more than 10 seconds. I've wrote a letter to the Support to increase it up to 30 minutes. They Did it for me.

Now I see that appDomain is not die as often as before. Now it is repeated every 15-20 minutes. Because the site is still no one visits and knowing that application domains can be destroyed due to inactivity, I've created simple windows-service, which make HTTP GET requests to the site every 5 minutes. Result: Application domain almost is not recreate. Problem solved.

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hello, your haveve the application windows-service. for delete the problem the DotNetNuke