Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How to change string "You are here" in Dotnetnuke web site to other language

How to change string "You are here" in Dotnetnuke's web site to other language?

If you want to translate it, you need access to you DNN installation via file system. Look for the Skin folder (/Portals/_defauls/Skins/MinimalExtrophy) and inside there is a folder /App_localResources with a single file "index.ascx.resx" you need to copy to and edit using a text editor. you will find "you are here" near the end of the file and may overwrite it with your localization.

This works to DNN version 4.9 and above. How it works you may see here

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Нow to dynamically change query for ListView linked to LinqDataSource?

In order to dynamically change query for ListView linked to LinqDataSource you have to handle OnSelecting event for LinqDataSource. .

For example:

protected void dsMates_Selecting(object sender, LinqDataSourceSelectEventArgs e)
if (Request.Params["classMateId"] != null)
int mateId;
if (int.TryParse(Request.Params["classMateId"], out mateId))
using (DataClassesPrivateMsgDataContext db = new DataClassesPrivateMsgDataContext())
e.Result = db.Classmates.Where(mate => mate.Id == mateId).FirstOrDefault();

How does it works you can see here: 11-A

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Code formatter for C#, JavaScript, HTML, ASP.NET for your blog

When posting posts to my blog often need to insert some code saples into the text. It's good to show well formatted code for readers.

If found good free online tool for my purposes:

This tool allows you to format your C#, VB, HTML, XML, T-SQL or MSH (code name Monad) code for publishing on a web site or in a blog.

All welcome!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Animated gif files for AJAX loader

When you develop AJAX-based website you probably want beautiful animated gif image(s) to show to the user an AJAX activity (when user have to wait while AJAX is getting some data from server). So I found very useful website "" where you can generate different "AJAX-loading" animated gif images. There is many templates. You can change colors, size, opacity for gif's.

If you using "Opera" than you can install wiget named "Animated loading image generator!" and generate gif's not quit your favourite website "калькулятор автокредита"

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dotnetnuke site constantly to recreate the domain application: "The AppDomain shut down because of the hosting environment."

I've made a site using CMS DotNetNuke. On my developing machine it worked very good. After placing It into the hosting I've noticed that pages, especially the first opened very slowly. I looked into site's Event Viewer and see that the application domain recreated several times a minute. There are consistent records:

Application Shutting Down. Shutdown Details: The AppDomain shut down because of the hosting environment.

Application Started.

Operation of Re-creation of domain application is not fast, and it leads to lower the productivity of the website (slowly loading of pages).